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Pile up OTOKU

Accumulating "TOKU(Virtue)"To provide the best service to all our customers

TOKU WORLD Corporation always strives to providing the best possible service to all of our customers regarding the sale and purchase of used heavy equipment.

Our company name "TOKU WORLD" is a symbolic representation of our desire to be the best in the world at bringing "TOKU (benefit)" to all our customers. We will keep delivering "TOKU (benefit)" to the world, not only to our customers in front of us, but also to those who are far away or overseas and do not yet know about Toku World, with the hope that their work and lives will be enriched.

Used Heavy Equipment
Aiming to be the best in the world,
we are committed to "Quality".

TOKU WORLD has been doing its utmost to defy the conventional wisdom that used heavy equipment is inferior. We want to spread the [TOKU WORLD Brand], which we have created by combining the quality procurement and the quality maintenance, throughout the world. To establish the world's No. 1 brand of used heavy equipment and deliver the highest quality to our customers, we will keep pursuing only what we are truly satisfied with.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Business

We purchase and sell used heavy equipment, various attachments and parts, and perform maintenance, transportation, export to overseas, and also solar business. We are a fully integrated company, from purchasing to delivery, so that our customers can rely on us from the beginning to the end of the service.


We will purchase your valuable machinery at a price as close to your expectations as possible. We can purchase machines that other companies will not buy, as well as immovable machinery. We offer nationwide assessment and speedy purchase from contract to pickup.

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We have more than 1,000 units in stock of used heavy equipment, attachments, and parts. Our strength is not only our wide range of inventory, but also that we can offer test rides and actual machine check so that our customers can feel confident in their purchases.

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We are very particular about maintenance so that customers who will use our machines next can use them with assurance. All processes, including washing, inspection, maintenance, and painting, are performed at our own factory. Machines completed after passing the strict standards set for each process are reborn with the highest quality, which is hard to believe that they are used. We hope that many customers will experience TOKU WORLD's quality.

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In addition to domestic sales, we also export to other countries. Our export professionals, the Overseas Sales Group, have many years of experience and achievements, so you can rest assured and leave it to us. We believe that constant information sharing between the domestic and overseas sales groups will not only expand sales channels, but also lead to the reuse of old machines overseas by purchasing popular models overseas and trading in machines that cannot be sold in Japan.

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SOLAR Business

As part of our environmental activities, we are also developing a solar business. We have installed mega-solar power plant not only at our own maintenance factory but also in Kani City and Tajimi City.

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Our Strength

We are more than just a used heavy equipment dealer. Here are seven key strengths that set us apart from others.


One of the largest used equipment inventories in Japan (always over 1000 units)!

Because it is an expensive purchase, we encourage our customers to actually experience the machine before making a purchase. We have over 1,000 used heavy equipment, attachments, and parts in stock at all times, so you can come in, take a look, and actually operate a machine anytime you want. We are proud to say that there are few companies that can hold such a large stock in Japan.


Quality maintenance aimed at the same quality finish as passenger cars!

In pursuit of the highest quality, TOKU WORLD's maintenance standards are set very strictly, checking more than three times as many points as the typical annual inspection list. We pay attention not only to the cleanliness of the exterior, but also to the internal details that cannot be seen until it is in motion. We always try to put ourselves in the shoes of the customers who use our machines so that they can purchase truly safe machines with confidence.


Washing/Painting/Maintenance on site by our experts

In our maintenance factory, every step of the process is handled by our experts. Each booth is divided according to the work to be performed, and a work schedule is set up to complete the process. Since the condition of each unit varies depending on the previous owner's usage and working environment, we inspect each unit in detail and perform maintenance according to its condition. We also do our best to accommodate customer requests for painting, company name on the machine, etc.


Keeping prices low by Effective Management Control

We handle everything from procurement to sales through our own integrated system. By handling everything in-house, from transportation arrangements for pickup and delivery to maintenance and export procedures, we are able to reduce unnecessary costs and sell at reasonable prices.


Export Worldwide - It's our Specialty

For overseas sales, we also handle export procedures. We also wash the machines and load them into containers at our own maintenance factory. We have a lot of experience in exporting machines to various countries, so you can leave your machines in our hands with assurance.


Speedy purchase and reliable support!

We can provide a speedy response from the time we receive a purchase request to the calculation of the amount and pickup of the machine. By utilizing SNS as well as telephone and e-mail, we can smoothly negotiate with customers who are out in the work site and busy.


Installment payment available

We offer a variety of payment methods, including cash, installment sales, finance lease, and credit. (Finance lease and credit are available only in Japan) Please feel free to contact us.

Our Company

With the desire to please all customers around the world through the trade of used heavy equipment, TOKU WORLD pursues the highest quality and keep challenging.


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